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Thank You for finding me! I have items here, on ebid and ebay. Welcome! 

I am struggling to make this website sales cart work for me. Please visit ebay or ebid to shop my items.

Come in and take your shoes off

I will add more content and features as time goes on. I just really needed to do something to progress this site. I am a perfectionist and I am unfamiliar with this website builder. So I will turn it on with only a few products listed and see what happens. Feel free to write to me via the submission form if you have any questions. If you order a few things, the shipping may go down and I will refund you on PayPal if so. I also have a youtube channel I just started to chronicle this phase of life. 

Welcome! I am a housewife that must stay home for my well being. In order to help realize my goal of creating a kinship domain, a homestead, I realized I needed my own income. I participated in a few auctions via absentee bidding and won a few things. I listed them and they sold right away. That was when I realized my knack for acquiring what people want to own. On this website you will find mostly new items for now. I generally put the collectibles up for auction on 

Ebid and Ebaybecause I   love auctions.  

Y'all Come Back Now, ya hear?