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Thank You for finding me! I have items here, on ebid and ebay. Welcome! 

I am struggling to make this website sales cart work for me. Please visit ebay or ebid to shop my items.

The prices here are for shipping to the lower 48 states. I do not ship outside the United States, or to Alaska or Hawaii. If you live outside the US and are interested in buying from me, write to me on the About page and we can figure it out together. 

Come in and take your shoes off

I will add more content and features as time goes on. I just really needed to do something to progress this site. I am a perfectionist and I am unfamiliar with this website builder. So I will turn it on with only a few products listed and see what happens. Feel free to write to me via the submission form if you have any questions. If you order a few things, the shipping may go down and I will refund you on PayPal if so. I also have a youtube channel I just started to chronicle this phase of life. 

Welcome! I am a housewife that must stay home for my well being. In order to help realize my goal of creating a kinship domain, a homestead, I realized I needed my own income. I participated in a few auctions via absentee bidding and won a few things. I listed them and they sold right away. That was when I realized my knack for acquiring what people want to own. On this website you will find mostly new items for now. I generally put the collectibles up for auction on 

Ebid and Ebaybecause I   love auctions.  

Y'all Come Back Now, ya hear?